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We are a Peruvian company founded in 1988. We provide BPO services and solutions for digital payments and security in the banking, telecommunications, commerce, and government sectors. Our well established foundations, our high-quality technological solutions and services, and our commitment to our clients, has allowed us to grow in national and international markets, primarily in the Andean region.

Our team’s expertise, along with constant research and development, has allowed us to provide innovative solutions for digital payments. We provide solutions with a high level of security, authentication, and integration, that are designed to handle large volumes of information with excellent reliability. Additionally, we also provide competitive BPO services that comply with quality standards required by the industry. We are proud to manage our company with the highest standards of quality available in the market.We have the international quality certifications, CMMI Level 5 and ISO 9001 in its 2015 version. These apply to the production, administrative and commercialization processes of our software products and services. We seek to improve continuously as we are committed to excellence nationally and across borders.

“Transforming digital payments and financial services”


Innovate digital payments with specialized ICT solutions and services to incentivize financial inclusion and democratize financial services.


To be a leading company in digital payments and financial services in Latin America, with simple, safe and reliable solutions that make people’s lives easier.

Quality politics

Our quality frameworks aim to:
● Satisfy our clients by providing solutions and services with digital payments that are safe, reliable, and highly available.
● Provide customer support with a team with high expertise.
● Constantly seek technological innovation in our products and the continuous improvement of our processes.
● Comply with regulations and required standards.


● Be a good person: Honesty and integrity are key to who we are. We value diversity and act kindly with others inside and outside the working environment.
● Pursue Excellence: We seek to achieve the extraordinary and provide excellent results.
● Innovate: We look for new ways to complete our tasks, and we do not settle for the status quo.
● Transparency: We openly express our ideas without the fear of being wrong. We believe honesty and trust lead to progress.
● Commitment: We make sure we achieve our established goals.


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